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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sunday Cruddy Sunday

Sunday morning officially marks the end of my weekend. Working on Sunday sucks on so many levels. I keep telling myself its only till December when I graduate and I am off to greener pastures(well that is the plan anyway). I swapped emails with someone in the graduation office this last weekend and receieved type confirmation that the classes I am currently enrolled in will complete my degree requirements. Do you know how long I have been waiting to hear that? Well some of you do I'm sure, but then tack on the time for a couple of victory laps and you will really know how I feel. There were ups and there were downs, but thank the Lord it's almost over. This finally push will not be a cake walk though. So everyone whisper a little prayer for me to hang on to at least some of my sanity.

Surfing the State Fair website has destroyed any doubts I had about making a trip to the fair this year. They have announced deep-fried Nutter Butters!"State fair, have you been reading my diary?" Is there a better cookie on God's green earth? I submit that there is not! The only way this could get any better is if they were giving them away for free...which I am sure is not the case. DOH! Still not sure exactly when we will goto the fair though. But rest assured, when I go I'll post any notable pictures. Like me holding a 5ft tall dayglo orange teddy bear standing in front of Big Tex after riding everything on the midway with a stomach full of deep-fried goodness. Or the one of me holding a baby goat that I smuggled out of the petting zoo aka goat concentration camp to set free in the goat wilderness. "Run free little goat, I will never forget you."


  • Thu Sep 30, 06:14:00 PM CDT
    Blogger Texas Gurl sat naked at the computer and typed…

    you call yourself a true texan!? those aren't goats. (wow, i'm naked again) they are lambs. cute little baby lambs.

  • Thu Sep 30, 10:39:00 PM CDT
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Goats, lambs, sheep...whatever. They are being repressed and need savin'!

    And yes...my blog seems to release a plethora of nakedness.


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