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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Being Sick

It should come as no surprise that I am sick. I've actually been sick since Wednesday/Thursdayish, but I have progressively gotten worse and hit an all time low this weekend. It started out with a sore throat and then turned into a death rattle cough with full-on sinus congestion. Luckily I had Friday off so I basically sat at home all day coughing, sneezing and snoting while I finished updating my resume. Thank the lord for Chloraseptic. It has helped me keep my cough under semi-control and provided a welcomed overall numbness of my oral regions. The lowest of low points came Friday night after waking up every two hours with my head pounding from sinus pressure and coughing like crazy. That was hands down the worst night of sleep I have had in years. All this is very strange to me considering I never used to get sick. I am talking NEVER! Maybe it's my lack of vitamin C or the fact that I am outta shape. Or maybe it's because I work on a floor where everyone comes to work and coughs all over each other until we are all struck down. Whatever the cause, I am sick of being sick. I have no patience for sinus congestion. Especially when your nose thinks it would be a funny trick to alternate which nostril is plugged up on an hourly basis. Currently I have 0% blockage of the right and around 75% blockage of the left. Wait 10 minutes and it will be different though. Al and I picked up some Sudafed Severe Cold last night and it has helped a bit with the sinus pressure, but I am afraid this isn't going to do the trick. Stand by to see if I pull through.


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