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Friday, December 24, 2004

My Christmas Eve

I thought I would blog a bit while I wait for one of my DVDs to burn. That's right boys and girls, I got a DVD burner for Christmas. Now I know what you're thinking...its only Christmas Eve and we are still waiting for our presents! Well Santa stopped by my house early this year and I got all my presents on Wednesday. Ally and I braved the ice and snow and made our way over to my parent's house for some early Christmas goodness. The whole celebration started out with only Ally and Andrea (my brother's fiancé) getting to open presents since they were both going out of town the next day, but quickly evolved into "let's just open everything!" I won't give away all the great presents I got because I don't want to make you anymore jealous than you already are. Surf on over Christmas Day to see the list.


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