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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Short Week Here I Come!

Trying to sort out the coming week in my hazy, Sudafed head has been a real challenge. Luckily Ally was around last night to talk me through the weeks task, activities and commitments. I don't know what I would do without her! She was a real trooper yesterday considering she was in dog hell for a good part of the day. Since I am going home with her for Thankgiving I have to board Kitty (my dawg...Yeah I named a dog Kitty...get over it). Well to board a dog they have to be up on their shots which Kitty was not. I found out about a mobile clinic that gives a round of shots that normally costs $100+ for $32 so it was game on. Well of course my parents are boarding their dogs who also need shots, so it was dog shot field trip time.

Let me back up and qualify a couple of things before we proceed on. Alison has several allergies varying from grass to pet dander which cause her discomfort (she's not quite to the plastic bubble phase yet). I don't know how many of you out there have been through an allergy test, but I liken it to medieval torture. I was the designated handholder for Al's and it was even painful to watch. Lemme set the scene: Ok, we are going to expose you to anything and everything that you could possibly have an allergic reaction to. To do this we are going to put drops of these allergic baddies on your back and then prick them with a needle to make sure you are exposed. Don't even think about scratching either. Not that you could reach most the places they put them without pulling some contortionist shiz. Then we want you to lay there for 15 minutes (!) and let this crap react on your back and make you swell up like Quasimodo. We will eventually put some cream on the hump that has formed on your back , but you are still going to itch like no ones business. To top things off, we have this special test where we actually have to inject a bubble of the baddies under your skin. If your skin itching wasn't bad enough, how about itching UNDER your skin?

All this to say Ally has dog allergies...so back to the pet shot field trip. My mom, Al and I pile into the Yukon with 3 dogs and head out to Lewisville. Being the nice guy I am, I let Ally ride in the front seat and I rode in the back with the dog circus. And it wasn't that good dog circus where they where tutus and do tricks and stuff. It was crying, whining, shedding hair, slobbering, batsh!t dog circus. Our dogs always freak in the car because 90% of the time its becase they are going to the vet or to be boarded. It's amazing how 3 little dogs can stink and muck up a car in a relativley short time. We finally dropped my mom's two dogs off at the kennel and we are left with the 3 of us and Kitty. I'm a dog lover, have no pet allergies and I was still pretty annoyed by the dog funk that hung in the car, so I know Al wasn't having a good time. She trooped on through, never said a word and we finally made it back home. Meanwhile I'm sure she was ready to strip off her clothes and writhe on the concrete in itching agony. Such a gal!


  • Mon Nov 22, 09:06:00 AM CST
    Blogger theghosher sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Ahh love... it's amazing what our women will do for us. Allergies, putting up with always checking the score for football.. giving birth.. damn they rock. I don't think I could board Jake though.. not because I don't want to, but he's pretty much a big baby and I think it would totally tramatize him. We resuced him and even if I picked up a magazine, he would instantly hit the ground and cower.. he was abused so putting him in a place where he knew no one, surrounded by other dogs would be a bit much. Don't get me wrong, there have been a couple of trips that we had to cancel becasue we couldn't find anyone to watch him and boarding would have been the perfect thing to do.. oh well. Ally Rocks. Sorry about the allergy tests. hope she came out better for it.



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