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Monday, November 08, 2004

The Monday Routine

Ok boys and girls, this is the part where I pretend that everyone is interested in what I did this past weekend and you guys pretend to listen attentively while clipping your toenails. It's the typical Monday post. If nothing else I am trying to be consistant here. The weekend was very family-centric. Friday night Ally and I went to Houston's with her parents and favorite Aunt and Uncle from her dad's side. The food was great and the company was better. There were a lot of laughs about Al's sister's wedding and a picture swap which included tears (mine...women are so emotional about weddings). As usual Uncle Randall comes through with a great story or two and cracked us all up. There was short talk of my graduation and what I was planning on doing afterwards. It was a little nerve-racking to talk about the job leads, especially since I feel somewhat inactive about the process at this point. I have to say I am really stressed out about the whole thing. Between working 40 hours a week, trying to finish 3 classes 4 nights a week and trying to stay sane, I think I am barely making it. I'm not sure if I even know where to begin. I feel the way I felt before I graduated high school where there is that looming future and you are only halfway sure what it holds. Except this time around I don't know where the next path leads me. When I graduated HS I at least knew where I was going to school. I am also very uneasy about the prospect of finding a job in Dallas. I know that there are a lot of IT possibilities here, but I worry about the economic climate for the sector in general. I do feel lucky, however, that I already have a decent paying job now. That takes a little pressure off the situation, but not a lot. Anyway, enough with that tangent. Try the crab cakes and 5 nut brownie ala mode at Houston's, good stuff!

Saturday day was pretty humdrum. I went over to Kevin's to play some GTA: SA and drink beers. Saturday night my family went to Texas Land and Cattle for Kevin's Bday and tortured a waiter with no sense of humor. "Coldest beer in Texas my Anus!" "That's what she said!" After that we headed back to the house and watched the first part of The Godfathter. I'm still trying to figure out how I can sneak "Leave the gun...take the canolis" into a conversation. Great line!

Sunday was business as usual. I worked in the morning/afternoon and then went over to Al's to watch the end of the Cowboy's game. I say the Cowboy's game, but I am pretty sure that they were at IHOP watching while the cheerleaders suited up and took the field. What now Parcells?! The only good news on the NFL front was seeing the Eagles get trounced by the Steelers! When the early games were over and the "bonus footage" (hee) had ended we once again set out on the search for the holy grail of bedding. After striking out at Sheets and Sh!t (aka Linen's and Things) and Blood Bath and Beyond we headed to the Northpark Dillards. Yeah, Once more unto the breach, dear friends. I will say that the bathroom in the homewares department was very clean with plently of room to stretch out on the fighting chair (fishing reference. Anyone anyone?). Sure it was the Handi-stall, but I would have vacated if I saw wheels under the door. Geez, what do you take me for? Anyway, we made our way over to the mobbed Tom Thumb where shopping is like Death Race 2000 with Highland Park soccer moms at the wheel of many a buggy. Cougars, as Alisa would say, were in high numbers. We made it out alive and darted over to the local Blockbuster only to walk the aisles aimlessly (Me: "saw it, saw it, saw it" Ally: "what about this one?" Me:"I saw it" Ally: "you watched that without me?! Stop watching movies without me!") and end up with Big Fish. We ordered in Lover's Pizza(yum!) and plopped down (well I plopped down, Ally gracefully drifted down and landed as soft as a feather) on the couch. I dozed off a 1/3 through Big Fish and then woke up for the last 1/3. I didn't really feel like I missed anything though, very interesting. Al and I agreed that it was a little long for it's own good. It had good parts though. I could make a lot of jokes about Ally's intermittant and completely unpredictable food/drink needs yesterday, but I won't. :)

As usual, I hope everyone has a good week.


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