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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And The Winner Is...

...who knows. The media is still trying to drag this one out and Kerry isn't conceding. This one won't be over till the Democrat's lawyers have their say. Kerry's Breck Girl running mate has vowed that no vote would be left behind in Ohio (well at least no democratic vote). My favorite headline is from CNN.com that reads "BUSH CAMP CERTAIN OF WIN." I looked at the map right before I went to bed at around 11:45ish CST and they were still unsure. So first thing this morning, I flip on the TV and IT'S STILL OUT! I will be interested to see which network has the stones to come out and call it first after what happened in 2000. Tom Brokaw will would not stop talking about "having egg/omelet on his face in 2000" yesterday. I kept yelling at the TV, "you're hilarious Tom!! Give it a rest!!" "In other news, the race for King of the Dipwads is close with Tom Brokaw inching ahead of Regis Philbin by only a couple of votes." I kept thinking election returns coverage would make a great drinking game so I made up some ground rules.

Drink when:
Someone says "Chad" ie "Hanging Chad", "Pregnant Chad", etc
Someone says "Pundits"
Someone says "Provisional Ballots"
Someone says "Democracy Plaza"
Someone says "Electoral"

Take a shot when:
Someone says the name of the state you were born in

Drink the whole bottle when:
Tom Brokaw says "Bukkake"

Those rules should get you started, eventhough you won't be able to play for another 4 years. DOH! Although...the continuing coverage might provide good fodder for getting shiddy. If you are out there Tom Daschle, this could be just the thing to ease your pain. Muahahah! He should have "reached across the aisle" once in a while, it would have provided a little experience in his new job as a supermarket stocker in South Dakota.

So now we wait...


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