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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Bubble Bursts

So I follow a link off a friends blog to another blog and I end up reading it every once in a while. They post a quote that I find interesting in their blog so I look up a quote that relates and post it in the comments. That's when the fun begins. Keep in mind I have never met this girl, talked to her, chatted with her, sent smoke signals, communicated via carrier pigeon...NOTHING.
Wednesday, October 13

Aristotle says ...
All men, or most men, wish what is noble but choose what is profitable; and while it is noble to render a service not with an eye to receiving one in return, it is profitable to receive one. One ought, therefore, if one can, to return the equivalent of services received, and to do so willingly.
posted by theGirl at 4:34 AM

Mike said...
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. -Albert Einstein
6:55 AM

theGirl said...
Nice. Bit too utopian and self-sacrificing for my taste though. Anything that puts me in a situation where I can run the risk to be Christ-like must be discarded as sentimentalist. I'm an egotist you see.
10:22 AM

theGirl said...
I like the quote, it's very idealistic. The implications however frighten me out of my wits. Others aren't always worth living for, denying it would be unreal.
10:23 AM

Mike said...
By definition I am neither a sentimentalist nor an egotist. I fall somewhere in between most of the time. But if you are an egotist then your interpretation could allow you to determine who the "others" are. I would agree that the quote is very idealistic, but I think we should all go out of our way once in a while to help out others and not just when we can profit from it. I hate to think what our world would be like if no one did.
10:09 AM

theGirl said...
People like you always strike me as preachers more than doers, no offense. No one who is so keen of proving their virtue and that of the world ever actually have any. On the other hand, I've met Christ-like people. They're never procupied with making statements, but with actually helping people.
2:25 PM

Mike said...
I hate to burst your bubble Kiki, but you don't know me. I think it would be respectful for everyone involved to get to know me before making conclusions about the kind of person I am or making comments like "People like you." No offense taken by the way.
4:28 PM

theGirl said...
Look dude, you didn't burst my bubble, you don't have what it takes. I can safely make the conclusion that you're a wanker. Don't preach to me about being respectful, if you don't like what I say then don't read my blog.
4:39 PM

Mike said...
Wow...I didn't think you would resort to name calling. You obviously can't handle opinions that differ from yours. It's very sad because when I posted my original comments on your site I thought that it might spur on some intelligent blog dialog, but that didn't happen. Instead you berate my comments, criticize my beliefs and call me names. I can safely make the conclusion that your maturity level makes you not worth my time.
6:29 PM

theGirl said...
You didn't think I would resort to name calling? Call the Waaambulance. You obviously thought wrong didn't cha? I must clarify, our beliefs and opinion conflicts have nothing to do with me calling you names, I honestly think you are a wanker. I don't condem nor share your beliefs. I think you are a hypocrit, a preacher and not a doer. I profoundly dislike you. I don't think you are sincere. If you were sincere your ideas would be best served put to action, rather than in trying to convince me of your integrity and good nature. You might think me rude, in truth I just don't sugar coat my opinions. My maturity level has been known to prevent me from a great many good things. Missing out on anything that might come from you doesn't seem to make the list of "good" things I've missed out on.
6:55 PM

So there you have it. It's scary how immature, bitter, close-minded and completly ignorant people can be isn't it?


  • Fri Oct 15, 01:44:00 PM CDT
    Blogger Don Kersting sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Call the "Waaambulance"? Good lord. I bet she is one of those feminist-types who love to men bash.

    Yuk. Vomit.

  • Sat Oct 16, 02:54:00 PM CDT
    Blogger Miss Crafty Pants sat naked at the computer and typed…

    No I'm not one of "those" feminist who love to men bash. I'm one of those "people" who love to stupid-men bash.

    I am immature or I wouldn't have replied to your comments at all.

    I'm not bitter.

    If not agreeing with your sorry-redneck-ass is close-minded then I am.

    I might be ignorant but it may be remedied, while you're ugly now and forever will be.

    You're right, people can be pretty scary.

  • Sun Oct 17, 06:47:00 PM CDT
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Aww...she reads my blog. How flattering?

    She reminds me of Kerry. The more she talks, the more she sounds like she's just making crap up on the fly.

    Run on home little girl...you've overstayed your welcome here.


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