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Monday, November 01, 2004

Splish Splash

Well luckily I had my kayak mounted on the Rover this morning (not really). Nothing like fording through 2 feet of water to start your day off right. My favorite is when I hit a deep puddle at high speed and it throws up huge plumes of water and drowns the compact cars next to me. Sorry to all of you who drive compacts.

Had a great weekend eventhough it started out a little crazy. Friday I spent all day (after I got up at 11am of course) running around getting ready for my mom's bday party. My dad had this hair-brained idea that he would buy her a slot machine after they had seen some at a craft fair a while back. So we trucked over to the Slot Warehouse(!) to look at used slot machines. This ended up being a total waste of time considering they were much more than any sane person would pay for something that would end up sitting in the corner collecting dust after a week. I told him to put the money into taking her to Vegas. We bombed over to the mall with a few hours before the party was going to start and decided on TiVo for her. It's a running joke in my family to ask for a sack of hundred dollar bills so my dad thought it would be funny to get (100) 1 dollar bills and put them in a sack to give her. I know...we are cheesy, but ya luv us! My mom said she was going to take them to LaBare's (read: Sausage Show). We ordered food from Pappasito's (Mom's fave) which ended up being awesome as usual! The Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas are the bombshizzy. After the party we spent the rest of the night setting up the TiVo. I also managed to vote Friday which was a small bit of chaos in itself. I stood outside for about an hour and a half so I could get inside and have an 80 year old guy explain to me how a touch screen works. "Oh no no...I get it...touch the SCREEN with the tip of your FINGER, then press the BLINKING BUTTON to cast my ballot."

Saturday Ally and I ran errands for most of the day which included a hair cut for me, a trip to Pottery Barn, a trip to Crate and Barrel, a trip to ghetto Target (read: screaming, bastard kids nightmare), a mid-day work press check for Al, a trip to Best Buy, and Northpark where we ALMOST ended Al's neverending search for the holy bedding grail. I procured a pimp-tastic shirt which I rocked with the blue kicks Saturday night. We decided on Texas Land and Cattle for dinner(service=slow) and then met up with fellow art house flick junkies, Brie and Jakester, to see I Heart Huckabees. If you like quirky, off-the-wall comedies then I Heart Huckabees is your movie...very Royal Tenenbaums. I laughed hard!

Most of Sunday was at work and most of that time was spent waiting for/listening to the Cowboys game. The Boys pulled a win out of their hat and I couldn't be happier. Al and I watched the last quarter in the bar at the new Buffalo Wild Wings. She's now convinced she has black lungs from the cigarette smoke and her hair "DEFINITELY smelled like smoke." We got home and I slipped into a wings and Shiner-induced coma for 3 hours. I woke up all groggy and suddenly it was time to eat again according to Al, so we had creamy tomato soup (not so much) and grilled cheeses (much much!). After fighting the rain home, I realized that I wasn't going to be tired for a long time due to my nap so I stayed up screwing around on the computer until I forced myself into bed at 2am. And that was how the weekend ended.

Don't you feel well informed now?


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