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Friday, November 12, 2004

"Harry! You're Alive...and You're a Horrible Shot!"

I appreciate all the emails with your concern about my well being. I am, in fact, alive and well...ok maybe just alive. I apologize for not updating for so long, but it has been one of those weeks where I would be pulling my hair out if I could get a hand free. I popped up on a few blogs for some comments, but that's about all there was time for between Accounting exams, a workload eruption at work, and my life in general. I usually try to make a post in the morning while the snowball is still rolling relatively slow, but this week instead of a snowball it was an avalanche threatening to kill us all. It's either feast or famine up there which I know Kyle can relate to! Just when I was looking forward to a slow, relaxed weekend Lumbergh asked me to come in on Saturday. So I will be bangin out a couple of hours at work tomorrow too! Yippee! I guess it could be worse...I mean look at Scott Peterson.


  • Tue Nov 16, 08:47:00 AM CST
    Blogger theghosher sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Yo Mike,

    Check it out:

    T-minus 10 hours and counting.


  • Thu Nov 18, 10:32:00 PM CST
    Blogger the reeser sat naked at the computer and typed…

    you'll get a kick out of this. i was just hitting the random "next blog" and it hit your site. small world i guess. later.

  • Fri Nov 19, 03:20:00 PM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Small blog world I guess. I keep a close eye on my traffic and I've noticed that quite a few hits come from the Next Blog button.


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