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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Plot Quickens

This week my life has officially kicked into high gear and the crunch is on. Next week I have my two finals in my UTA courses and then an exam and lab final in my TCC course. Oh the joys of taking courses at two different colleges. The funniest/scariest part about the whole thing is the fact that I will actually graduate (walk) on the 12th, but not take my TCC course final until after that. So I have to hand deliver my transcript over to UTA once they turn in my final grade. What a hassle! The good news is that last night we finally did our presentation in my managerial accounting course and it went off without a hitch. When I looked over at the prof she was really into it and steady checking off her little list. Then after class she approached our group and gave us a "good job guys!" Normally I wouldn't be so stoked about a presentation going well, but I had my reservations going into it considering our group had been widdled down from 5 to 3. I say this because one of our group members dropped halfway through the semester and another decided he wasn't going to show up to any of the group meetings or participate in writing the paper/organizing the presentation. So I am glad to have that project behind me. Now all I have to do is pass the final in there!

Everything else is taking a back seat to school right now including, but not limited to, work, christmas shopping, job hunting, Halo 2, hanging out with friends/cousins, fan club president duties, TAR Recaps, bathing (kidding, I still bathe once a week whether I need it or not). I've got to graduate and get a real paying job to make my life presentable for Ally so when I get down on one knee I don't have to be holding one of those plastic rings out a the machine in front of a Wal-Mart. Speaking of rings, part of our road trip conversation included the prospect of ring shopping and how it still kind of freaked both us out. Not freaked out like "whoa I don't want to ring shop with you" we both agreed, but more of that "let's get through the huge things that are happening in our lives and then walk that plank" kind of freaked out. It's panic time for Ally too with her big project at work so timing=not so good. I am confident that things will be much better soon though. Hopefully in a month's time we will be looking back on this crazy month and laughing.

Editor's note: Post title inspired by Alisa's post here.


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