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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Holiday Hangover

I'm back from the holiday and still wondering where all the time went. I feel like I should be rested after all that time off, but it was tough getting back into the swing of things. I hit a wall around noon and was ready for a nap.

So it all went down likes this:
We ended up leaving Dallas pretty late on Wednesday which made no difference in the grand scheme of things. After I got off work at 2 I fought my way over to the kennel to drop of my dawg which ended up taking a hour and a half roundtrip. Main Street in Lewisville is my own personal traffic hell...I avoid it at all costs! So after meeting Ally (who was nice enough to pick up my dry cleaning on the way over) back at the house I ran around like a moron packing the last minute items. We threw everything in the Rover and pulled onto the road a little after 5 which was a little later than we had planned. We stopped at the campus bookstore on the way out of town to get my cap and gown for graduation since the deadline was Friday and we wouldn't be back by then. Traffic was pretty thick getting out of town, but once we left the metroplex it let up a bit. That was until we hit the construction on 20 where the road bottlenecks down to ONE LANE! It created a backup for miles and it took us over an hour to get through a stretch of highway that is probably only 10 miles. Regardless of the traffic snarl Ally and I had a good road trip as usual. We are never at a loss for things to talk about which makes the time pass quickly. Abilene had already rolled up the sidewalks when we got there, but Al's parents were happy to see us.

The rest of our time in Abilene was spent eating, sleeping and watching the boob toob. The rest of the world could have burned down and I would had never known it unless they broke in during the Cowboys game or the Bond-A-Thon on TNT. That's what I like about Abilene. They take the insane-o-meter and crank it back about 30 notches until everything grinds to a hault. Even their mall, which you might think would be chaos on the day after Thanksgiving was bearable. I've seen more chaos at the Tom Thumb on Sunday afternoon here in Dallas. We headed back on Saturday and beat most of the traffic back to Dallas. We rented The Terminal to watch Saturday night which was pretty good. Sunday I got to sleep in again! Ally and I went to brunch at one of our favorite spots, La Duni. As usual it was pretty busy and pretty cramped, but the food was excellent. After that we stopped in to Northpark, but quickly realized that we weren't in the mood for shopping. We picked up Elf on the way home and settled in for some lazy Sunday afternoon DVDing. Just for the record, Will Ferrell was hilarious and I highly recommend Elf for a holiday movie even if you are a grinch like me. Sunday night we had a delayed Thanksgiving dinner with my family and listened to stories (and looked at pictures that I wish I hadn't) of my parents travels over the last week.

In a nutshell it was a good couple of days off and time well spent with family. Now for the chaos to commence as the final push to December 12th continues. Unfortunately the crunch has claimed its first victim. Due to time limitations I won't be recapping The Amazing Race for a while. For all of your who liked the first recap I apologize and hope to find the time once everything settles down.


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