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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Eve of Christmas Eve

So today I got up at around 12:30 and it took me another 30 minutes to shake off the groggy funk. I was out until after 1am last night with my favorite cousin barking at the moon (note: some of the details have been left out to protect the innocent). I will say that we had an interesting experience at a bar with some random guy that was drinking alone. After we had both ordered a beer a guy sitting a chair over on the other side of Chuck started trying to get our attention. Seeing him out of the corner of my eye allowed me the benefit of never making eye contact, but Chuck was hooked like a trout. The lousy cover band obscured their short exchange and I noticed that they toasted at the end. I turned to Chuck and was like "whaa?" He told about some random toast this guy wanted to make, but ended up getting it all wrong. So I raised my glass to Chuck and this random guy and said, "She offered her honor, so I honored her offer, and all night long I was on her and off her!" The guy thought it was hilarious, but being that he was in a drunken stupor forgot it in two seconds flat. So I spent the next 3 minutes teaching numbnuts my witty little play on words. This marked the clear signal for us to depart the bar and head for the Golden Tee machine. I swear I saw this guy mouthing it as we got up from the bar.

And Chuck may or may not be getting a call from the bartendertress we had at Texas Land and Cattle. While Chuck was in the bathroom I wrote "Call Me When You Get Off" along with Chuck's cell phone number on his credit card receipt. I'm such a sly dawg! I couldn't help but tell him after we had reached a safe distance from the restaurant and we joked that she would call him and they would fall in love forever and have 10 kids. She was a little brunette hoddy with a body so this could turn out pretty good for the ole cuz! I'll definitely post something on here if that actually happens so keep your eyes peeled for that! All this hookup trickery reminds me to urge you to go see Closer. You'll understand why it reminded me when you see it and I'm not giving anything else away. The night ended with us driving home while Chuck argued with his on again, off again chick and she may never know that half the time I was actually holding the phone while she screamed and yelled at him. HA! Good times!


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