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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fast Food No More

The time was roughly 9:00pm Monday night when I decided I would never eat fast food again. I sat there with a blown mind after watching Super Size Me. If you are not familiar with the movie the basis according to IMDB is this: "For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked." I won't ruin the movie anymore for you, but the results are pretty staggering.

Lately I have contemplated my weight, overall health and this was just the motivation I needed to kick my unhealthy eating habits. Because of my overall laziness when it comes to taking lunches, I eat fast food several times a week. This has got to stop. It's just too easy to leave the office and drive a couple of blocks to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Burger King, Jack In The Box, and the dreaded Mickey D's. ALL OF THESE are within a 5 block radius from my building! So Ally and I have agreed to cut it completely out of our diets (she never ate much to begin with, cheater!). I am going to start buying things from the grocery store to make sandwiches and bringing lunches on daily basis when I don't have leftovers from dinner. We have also agreed to make dinner at home more often when I am over and not eat out as much on the weekends.

I know these declarations reek of new year's resolutions that will be forgotten in a month, but something has got to change. I am the heaviest I have ever been right now and I am unhappy with my appearance/health. My high school football coaches would have killed for me to be this heavy my Junior and Senior year. Another serious concern is my risk for high blood pressure, which runs in my family. I know that this doesn't account for the physically activity I will also need to engage in to get in better shape, but let's take things slowly here. I will remedy that soon enough.

A re-occurring theme I keep hearing is at my age, the choices I make now will effect me for the rest of my life. The rest of my life started Monday!


  • Thu Jan 27, 08:48:00 AM CST
    Blogger Fonty sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Haven't seen the movie, but I'm with you on the fast food at lunch. Arghh, so tough to bypass. Physical activity levels will be your key. I'm gettin' lazier in my old age. I keep telling myself that I'll get up in the morning at 5:00 a.m. for that spinning class. Have I? Nah. . .

  • Thu Jan 27, 10:19:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    I definitely agree on the physical activity levels. I am going to get on the Fonty bandwagon and see if I can't find a BBall league so I can brush up on my boxing. HA!

    As for the spinning classes, I hear the back row bikes are the best.


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