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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Viva Lost Wages

Well I'm back to the grind after spending the weekend in Vegas. It is actually nice to be back on home turf, but I was really kicking myself for not taking Monday off. Going back to work the next day was a real kick in the junk. I am still recovering from jetlag and the time difference shuffle, so if I doze off during the post I apologize. Not too much to report from the Vegas trip. You know the mantra guys..."What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Here's a brief overview and I plan on posting pics later.

-Boarding group A every time!
-Finally took some pictures of Vegas with the digicam (stay tuned)
-The Palms casino was cool
-Liquor store inside Excalibur
-Wasn't @ work
-Met some cool Texans in Mandalay with an art gallery in Austin

-Ye Ole Excalibur buffet
-The Rhino wasn't as minty as we hoped
-MIA cocktail waitresses
-Ended up in the red at the tables
-A Blister despite my running shoes
-MP3 player failed weekend test
-Rain @ Palms (cool club, dumb people)
-Smelly, combative cabbies (yes Chuck, we should have rented a car)

All and all it was a good time with a few minor hiccups. By the time my bachelor party rolls around I will have this down to a science.


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