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Thursday, January 27, 2005

UPDATE: Interview

I have an interview today thanks to Ally. She forwarded on my resume and salary requirements to one of her business contacts who mentioned in passing that his company was hiring an IT Manager. Luckily she knew just the person who was looking for a job and had outstanding job experience. Another testament to the old phase "It's not what you know, but who you know."After playing phone tag briefly we connected and he gave me a run down of the job. Basically he is the Systems Administrator for this company who has now outgrown the one IT guy phase and he needs help. He mentioned that he is not even convinced that two people will cut it at the rate they are growing. I am pretty sure the IT Manager title was a little off from what they actually need and might have been a little distorted in the relay. Regardless, my resume and experience seem to be a great fit for the job if it is indeed another Systems Admin position and they can meet my salary requirements. While we are on the subject, the whole salary thing is quite interesting to think about. My thought process is this...I graduated college with a degree in Management Information Systems, I have TONS more job experience than most undergrads, and I've put in over two years at a Fortune 500 solutions provider. So I am justified in wanting to double my salary right out of the box? I think so.

I feel a bit like a double agent at this point as I look for another job. I am constantly checking my home email for followups and job posting alerts. And today I am definitely dressed up for my after-work interview. Normally everyone is about the slacks/khakis, button-up/polo shirt, business caz shoes, but today I am black suit pants (jacket and tie in the car), dress shirt, and dress shoes. The common joke when anyone comes in noticably overdressed is "job interview?". But I haven't made it a secret with my co-workers or boss that I am looking elsewhere and they understand the ceiling we all face at my "no room for growth" division. On that point, I have been very unpleased with the response (ZERO) I am receiving from our internal recruiters. I have sent them emails about specific positions, my resume, applied for positions through the internal posting channels and I get NOTHING! Way to nurture your investment in your people. When Fortune does an article about me in 10 years they are going to look at each other and say "We had that guy and let him go. We are idiots!"

So wish me luck in the interview. Maybe they will hire me on the spot and give me a signing bonus up front. If that is the case, guess who's looking for an apartment this weekend? Seriously though, send me good vibes people!

UPDATE: The interview went great and they are looking to hire soon! He told me they would make a decision by Friday and he would call me either way. Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed. Show me the money!


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