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Thursday, January 27, 2005

When Good Restaurants Go Bad

So after hanging out with February's Playmate of the Month last night, Chuck and I met Ally for dinner at the Greenville Bar and Grill. I would provide a link to their web site, but it doesn't appear to exist...and the lousiness begins. Alison and I started going here over a year ago when we discovered they run a half price menu on Monday and Tuesday nights. The food was great and for under 20 bucks we could come out of there with full belly and a smile. We even took friends there which is the true sign of Mike's Restaurant Recommendability(!=word) Stamp of Approval.

The first thing I notice was they changed their whole wait staff. No familiar faces. Instead of the perky, cute waitress they had before with their sleek black attire they now have dumpy, unsmart girls in jeans and t-shirts. As soon as we arrived, I headed for the bathroom where I was knocked down by a stench that seemingly erupts from the depths of Hell! I'm referring to a smell that delivers a drop kick when you open the door and then continues to pummel your nasal passages for the duration. A smell you fear has permeated your very being and no amount of cleansing will ever rid you of the stank! You get my point. Clean the bathrooms!

According to the Guidelive, they are "revamping; word is it's moving toward a live-music emphasis. This was evident by the stage they built in the prime WALKING AREA toward the back of the restaurant and the cheesey Bud Light pennent stringers they hung up around the main dining room. The best part was when I fed a dollar into the digital jukebox they put in. The first song I played was "Hell's Bells" from AC/DC and I cued up "Say It Ain't So" from Weezer. After "Hell's Bells" played the dumb, dumpy waitresses decided they would go over and start jacking with it. First they turned it up and then they overrode my song! The song I payed money for...it was only 50 cents, but still!

The nail in the coffin was driven home when our food arrived. I was a little disturbed at the soggy, seemingly wet condition of my chicken fried steak. What was once a crispy, fill-the-plate, tasty steak was now reduced to a brownish sponge covered in runny gravy. What were once fresh green beans were now the out-of-a-can-variety crap. Also, the mashed potatoes, which ended up with on everyone’s plate, were cold. BAH! In all fairness, the Mini-Cheeseburgers they are somewhat famous for were tasty half-priced appetizers, but since I've never had them before I had no frame of reference to their possible decline. Who knows, they could have been STELLAR before! Sad. Sad. Sad!

To conclude, I am saddened by the unfortunate decline. This was one of our favorite haunts and I hate to wipe it off the list. So I bid you farewell Greenville Bar and Grill.

On a related Greenville decline note: Mike's Treehouse is no more. Although I had mixed experiences there, it was overall a pretty cool place grab a brew and watch the scenery go by. I am quickly running out of reasons to frequent this area.


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