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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jack Squat

...that's exactly what I did when I got home yesterday. I walked in the door, sat down in my living room and played Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for almost 3 hours. I only paused for dinner, the telephone ringing a hundred times and of course bathroom breaks. Why did my phone ring a hundred times you ask? Let's just say that Al had some problems with her smoke alarm in her apartment and she thought I might be able to remedy the fact that she is too short to reach it over the phone. It was beeping because the backup battery was low and it was driving her bonkers. I had a good chuckle picturing her trying to stand on a chair and it being juuuuuuust out of her reach, then swinging at it with a stick like a pinata until it came crashing down. She ended up tearing the thing out of the ceiling, but she got battery out and by all things holy IT WAS SILENCED! So much for a peaceful resolution. As Al said, that's what they get when they refuse to dispatch a maintanence man out to fix it.


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