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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Office

I think I've finally found the office chi I have been searching for. After several variations, several minutes of standing and staring, and even a dream(!) I'm pretty sure I have it laid out the way I want it. No, I'm not saying my office layout came to me in a dream or even that I believe in that chi crap, so just let it go. It was weird that I dreamed about my office though. I guess I'm still trying to get my brain around it.

Friday I packed the old college mini-fridge sitting in my garage in the Rover and brought it to work. My boss had given it the green light since we are on the other end of the building from the breakroom, snackroom and general food keeping areas. So before I left on Friday I set it up in my office. I stocked it with Red Bull, Orange Juice, Vodka, and Arizona Green Tea. It was very nice to come in to a fully stocked fridge full of cold libations. Since I had the weekend to forget about doing it, it was almost as if someone else had done it for me. "Congrats on making the big time Mike! Here are three of your favorite drinks!" As far as I'm concerned, this was the finishing touch for my office. In fact, I had to move around a couple of pieces of furniture to accomodate it. Yeah, I have furniture in my office! It's crazy! I even have a door, which after they re-key it, I will be able to lock. For all of you with office envy, I feel your pain. I anguished in a cubicle for just under 3 years which was PLENTY long enough for me.

One funny thing about my office is the temperature. I am very interested in bringing my desk thermometer up here and getting an actual reading, but it's waaaay down there. Now anyone that knows me can attest to me NEVER being cold, but this is far beyond cold. The reason for this is my location. My office is right next to the server room which, uncooled could easily get up to 95 degrees with all the computers in there. So they have an A/C unit devoted solely to it, my office and a small closet office on the other side of the server room. In the mornings when I get here and open my door I am smacked in the face with an artic blast. I am constantly surprised that icicles aren't hanging from the vent. It's so cold that my nose runs. Yeah, COLD! Luckily, I wear a long sleeve dress shirt everyday and so I'm not sitting here shivering or anything. Although, there have been mornings I have sat at my desk with my coat on for the first 15 minutes to acclimate myself. I would MUCH rather it be cold than hot. So I am definitely not complaining. The irony of it all is many moons ago my office was a storage/breakroom so hanging above my door is a sign that reads "MICROWAVE IN USE." There is no way I'm taking that down!


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