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Thursday, March 03, 2005

She Left On A Jet Plane

Well I am alone in the Big D for 10 days. Ally left for her Tour of Italy (the real thing, not the Olive Garden dish) yesterday. I have to admit that I already miss her. Usually she will call me while we are on the way to work in the morning and we always talk before we go to bed at night, but today makes two days of no calls. Being a creature of habit and routine, these are the things that really put the screws in you.

So I instituted a plan of preoccupation, which took effect last night. On the way home from work I called up my brother and cousin to invite them out for some Buffalo Wild Wings. Kev and his wife agreed to come out, but the cuz was a different story. Like a poonanny he had already made plans to have dinner with his trying-to-be-ex-girlfriend and her mother. SUCKER!

Kev and I swilled massive amounts of Shiner in order to put out the flames projecting from our months due to the oh-geez-these-little-wings-are-hot boneless wings. We started off with Caribbean Jerk and then moved on the downright HOT. We both agreed that while the Caribbean Jerk was extremely spicy, it was "a different kind of hot." By the time we got to the HOT our mouths were numb, our sinuses were clear, our eyes were watering, and odly enough my scalp was tingling. Keep in mind that this wasn't an experimental run. I order the same thing every time I go to BWW. I guess I enjoy the pain a bit in the process of eating really good boneless wings. As for Kev, I am not sure that he will partake of those mouth scorching sauces on his next visit.


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