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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So since my life is never without real life drama I have to share a pre-story to me actually getting the job, but yeah I GOT IT!! WHOOOHOOO!!

For the first interview I was really early since I left work at 2pm and the drive was only about 15mins tops. The interview was at 3pm and I didn't want to be waaaaay early, but I certainly didnt want to be late. So I drove around the area a bit and it definitely helped me relax. So this time I wanted to stay consistant so being early again I drove a round a bit. I was soooo relaxed and feeling the flow...until the car in front of me decided to come to a screetching halt at a green light. I was INCHES from plowing this little green Mazda that was at a dead stop. Here comes the best part, I honk, the guy flips ME off. Maybe on his planet that means, "sorry, I'm an idiot" and I'm convinced that green means stop on that planet too. NICE!

I get to the interview, heart pounding, adrenaline coursing through my veins and I am still 15 minutes early. I let the receptionist know I'm there and in turn notifies the proper authorities. No not the police. He shows up and we walk down the hall to a different conference room. Whoa this could be good or bad! We sit down and he tells me the job is mine! He goes on to say that after interviewing several candidates he just didn't get the same great feeling he got from our interview. He said he felt like I was the perfect person for the job and only hesistated to say that he was afraid that some of the more monotinous tasks we had discussed prior would make me less interested. I assured him that I was excited about the opportunities for career growth that we had discussed in the first interview and told him that I would look forward to being on the ground floor of the projects outlined ahead.

Since I hadn't filled out a formal application he sent me home with one and told me to bring it back Tuesday when he would have a formal offer letter waiting for me. He also mentioned that I would need to take a drug test and pass a government background check required since they do business with the government. I filled out the application to a "T" (application writers of the world, I plead to you, take Elementary out of the education section!) and I'm set to return it today and schedule my P test. I told Alison this morning that this day has a real first day of the rest of my life kind of feel to it. I can only imagine how my first day at my new job is going to feel. All the nervousness of meeting a thousand new people and trying to remember all their names. My new desk/cube/cardboard box that I will have all my stuff in/on. Man, I'm STOKED!

Thanks for all the support and well-wishes! You guys are great!


  • Tue Feb 15, 08:59:00 AM CST
    Blogger the reeser sat naked at the computer and typed…

    way to go!!!

    speaking of applications, i filled out a security clearance thing a couple of weeks ago. 1.5 hours. they asked for every residence in the last 10 years. do they have any idea how many places i lived in college? do i?

    congrats on the new job! turn in that notice asap.

  • Tue Feb 15, 01:30:00 PM CST
    Blogger Fonty sat naked at the computer and typed…

    I had faith. Congrats! Yes. . . now comes the rest of your life. Get up early, read the paper, shave, get dressed, fight traffic, get to work ON TIME, listen to boring people make rediculous points, go home, fight traffic, work out, eat, watch TV, go to bed. The rest of your life.

    Good luck!

    Just kidding. We all love our jobs and lives. Not anti-depressants necessary.

  • Tue Feb 15, 01:31:00 PM CST
    Blogger Fonty sat naked at the computer and typed…

    That was a cry for help, by the way. He he

  • Tue Feb 15, 08:35:00 PM CST
    Blogger Janine sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Congrats on the new job!

    I hope that the job keeps you busy. If not, I'm sure the reeser can hook you up with lots of sites to check out.

  • Wed Feb 16, 10:14:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Thanks everyone!

    Kyle - I can relate. I was striving to remember the address of all my old jobs. In the MAJOR/CONCENTRATION section of the Elementary School I put "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic."

    Fonty - Thx for the congrats and for the record...cry for help heard, cry for help ignored. You just cry in your nice Pilot all the way to your nice home, where your NICE(!) wife will be waiting with her nice...ok I'll stop there. That's the last thing the world needs is one more Frenchmen crying for help. The next thing we know, you will be critizing me for not consulting with Germany and Russia before accepting the position. Jacques-y Jeff, Jacques-y Jeff!

    Janine - Thx for the congrats and I hope your product crystallizes soon!


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