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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Never Forget

So I am back at blogger blogging. Everyone can think Mike Harrison who left me a comment after stumbling upon my blog. If it wasn't for him I might not have made it back to post an entry.

Al and I watched The Flight That Fought Back about United Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania on September 11th. If you guys missed it I strongly recommend trying to catch a rerun of it. They are bound to show it several more times. It really brings into perspective the lives that were lost and the courage of everyday people faced with adversity. It makes me analyze how I would react to something like that. Either dealing with it first hand like they did on the airplane or living with the loss of a loved one who was aboard.

The movie took me back to that day, complete with all it's emotions. Otherwise I think I would have gone through today like any other day. Sure I knew it was September 11th and just like every September 11th since, I thought about what happened four years ago and wondered if "they" would every try anything again on this day (or any day for that matter). But I was too lax today and I hadn't thought about the lives that were lost and the familes effected by the greatest American tragedy of my lifetime. So as the last minutes of September 11th wind down, I say a prayer for the men and women who paid the ultimate price 4 years ago and for their families who continue to suffer...may God instill peace in their hearts.



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