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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Caption This!

My entry:
A real life representation of the week I had last week.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

Parking Ticket

I just got a $30 parking ticket for parking on the sidewalk. Only there was no sidewalk. So how could I have parked on it? They might as well have put, "Parked on sidewalk and duck" on the ticket because there wasn't a
f%#king duck there either!

I paid the ticket online. Yes, a weak moment, I know. But I knew if I didn't I would forget about it and after 15 days it goes up to 55 bucks! The nice lady who has the misfortune of answering the phone number on the back of the ticket told me that even if I intented to fight it I should still go ahead and pay it. That way in the event I score a devistating win against the city they can refund my money and I will not incur late penalties. So there is still hope of me sticking it to the man cause dammit there is no sidewalk there!


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