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Thursday, January 27, 2005

When Good Restaurants Go Bad

So after hanging out with February's Playmate of the Month last night, Chuck and I met Ally for dinner at the Greenville Bar and Grill. I would provide a link to their web site, but it doesn't appear to exist...and the lousiness begins. Alison and I started going here over a year ago when we discovered they run a half price menu on Monday and Tuesday nights. The food was great and for under 20 bucks we could come out of there with full belly and a smile. We even took friends there which is the true sign of Mike's Restaurant Recommendability(!=word) Stamp of Approval.

The first thing I notice was they changed their whole wait staff. No familiar faces. Instead of the perky, cute waitress they had before with their sleek black attire they now have dumpy, unsmart girls in jeans and t-shirts. As soon as we arrived, I headed for the bathroom where I was knocked down by a stench that seemingly erupts from the depths of Hell! I'm referring to a smell that delivers a drop kick when you open the door and then continues to pummel your nasal passages for the duration. A smell you fear has permeated your very being and no amount of cleansing will ever rid you of the stank! You get my point. Clean the bathrooms!

According to the Guidelive, they are "revamping; word is it's moving toward a live-music emphasis. This was evident by the stage they built in the prime WALKING AREA toward the back of the restaurant and the cheesey Bud Light pennent stringers they hung up around the main dining room. The best part was when I fed a dollar into the digital jukebox they put in. The first song I played was "Hell's Bells" from AC/DC and I cued up "Say It Ain't So" from Weezer. After "Hell's Bells" played the dumb, dumpy waitresses decided they would go over and start jacking with it. First they turned it up and then they overrode my song! The song I payed money for...it was only 50 cents, but still!

The nail in the coffin was driven home when our food arrived. I was a little disturbed at the soggy, seemingly wet condition of my chicken fried steak. What was once a crispy, fill-the-plate, tasty steak was now reduced to a brownish sponge covered in runny gravy. What were once fresh green beans were now the out-of-a-can-variety crap. Also, the mashed potatoes, which ended up with on everyone’s plate, were cold. BAH! In all fairness, the Mini-Cheeseburgers they are somewhat famous for were tasty half-priced appetizers, but since I've never had them before I had no frame of reference to their possible decline. Who knows, they could have been STELLAR before! Sad. Sad. Sad!

To conclude, I am saddened by the unfortunate decline. This was one of our favorite haunts and I hate to wipe it off the list. So I bid you farewell Greenville Bar and Grill.

On a related Greenville decline note: Mike's Treehouse is no more. Although I had mixed experiences there, it was overall a pretty cool place grab a brew and watch the scenery go by. I am quickly running out of reasons to frequent this area.


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UPDATE: Interview

I have an interview today thanks to Ally. She forwarded on my resume and salary requirements to one of her business contacts who mentioned in passing that his company was hiring an IT Manager. Luckily she knew just the person who was looking for a job and had outstanding job experience. Another testament to the old phase "It's not what you know, but who you know."After playing phone tag briefly we connected and he gave me a run down of the job. Basically he is the Systems Administrator for this company who has now outgrown the one IT guy phase and he needs help. He mentioned that he is not even convinced that two people will cut it at the rate they are growing. I am pretty sure the IT Manager title was a little off from what they actually need and might have been a little distorted in the relay. Regardless, my resume and experience seem to be a great fit for the job if it is indeed another Systems Admin position and they can meet my salary requirements. While we are on the subject, the whole salary thing is quite interesting to think about. My thought process is this...I graduated college with a degree in Management Information Systems, I have TONS more job experience than most undergrads, and I've put in over two years at a Fortune 500 solutions provider. So I am justified in wanting to double my salary right out of the box? I think so.

I feel a bit like a double agent at this point as I look for another job. I am constantly checking my home email for followups and job posting alerts. And today I am definitely dressed up for my after-work interview. Normally everyone is about the slacks/khakis, button-up/polo shirt, business caz shoes, but today I am black suit pants (jacket and tie in the car), dress shirt, and dress shoes. The common joke when anyone comes in noticably overdressed is "job interview?". But I haven't made it a secret with my co-workers or boss that I am looking elsewhere and they understand the ceiling we all face at my "no room for growth" division. On that point, I have been very unpleased with the response (ZERO) I am receiving from our internal recruiters. I have sent them emails about specific positions, my resume, applied for positions through the internal posting channels and I get NOTHING! Way to nurture your investment in your people. When Fortune does an article about me in 10 years they are going to look at each other and say "We had that guy and let him go. We are idiots!"

So wish me luck in the interview. Maybe they will hire me on the spot and give me a signing bonus up front. If that is the case, guess who's looking for an apartment this weekend? Seriously though, send me good vibes people!

UPDATE: The interview went great and they are looking to hire soon! He told me they would make a decision by Friday and he would call me either way. Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed. Show me the money!


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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fast Food No More

The time was roughly 9:00pm Monday night when I decided I would never eat fast food again. I sat there with a blown mind after watching Super Size Me. If you are not familiar with the movie the basis according to IMDB is this: "For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked." I won't ruin the movie anymore for you, but the results are pretty staggering.

Lately I have contemplated my weight, overall health and this was just the motivation I needed to kick my unhealthy eating habits. Because of my overall laziness when it comes to taking lunches, I eat fast food several times a week. This has got to stop. It's just too easy to leave the office and drive a couple of blocks to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Burger King, Jack In The Box, and the dreaded Mickey D's. ALL OF THESE are within a 5 block radius from my building! So Ally and I have agreed to cut it completely out of our diets (she never ate much to begin with, cheater!). I am going to start buying things from the grocery store to make sandwiches and bringing lunches on daily basis when I don't have leftovers from dinner. We have also agreed to make dinner at home more often when I am over and not eat out as much on the weekends.

I know these declarations reek of new year's resolutions that will be forgotten in a month, but something has got to change. I am the heaviest I have ever been right now and I am unhappy with my appearance/health. My high school football coaches would have killed for me to be this heavy my Junior and Senior year. Another serious concern is my risk for high blood pressure, which runs in my family. I know that this doesn't account for the physically activity I will also need to engage in to get in better shape, but let's take things slowly here. I will remedy that soon enough.

A re-occurring theme I keep hearing is at my age, the choices I make now will effect me for the rest of my life. The rest of my life started Monday!


  • Thu Jan 27, 08:48:00 AM CST
    Blogger Fonty sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Haven't seen the movie, but I'm with you on the fast food at lunch. Arghh, so tough to bypass. Physical activity levels will be your key. I'm gettin' lazier in my old age. I keep telling myself that I'll get up in the morning at 5:00 a.m. for that spinning class. Have I? Nah. . .

  • Thu Jan 27, 10:19:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    I definitely agree on the physical activity levels. I am going to get on the Fonty bandwagon and see if I can't find a BBall league so I can brush up on my boxing. HA!

    As for the spinning classes, I hear the back row bikes are the best.


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Monday, January 24, 2005

Groomsmen Antics

In following with family tradition for my brother's fiance, the bride-to-be is serenaded by mariachis the night before the wedding. Kev looked into getting real mariachis, but the cost per hour was outrageous (especially for us gringos)! So we improvised and formed our own mariachi band. We were...
¡The Five Amigos!
¡The Five Amigos!El NovioLas Chicas

We belted out such Spanish favorites as "The Frito Bandito", "La Cucaracha", and the timeless mariachi hit "Baby Got Back." Keep in mind it was midnight in an apartment complex. After the border patrol (aka Courtesy Officer) showed up we all piled in one car and made like Speedy Gonzales for the nearest taqueria. Let no one say that we don't keep it El Real.


  • Mon Jan 24, 01:49:00 PM CST
    Blogger theghosher sat naked at the computer and typed…

    You guys rock! That's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Congrats to your brother Mike!


  • Tue Jan 25, 11:38:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Thanx Ghosh...I was beginning to worry about you when you hadn't posted in a while and didn't return my email. I thought you might have stepped out into traffic after the Viks got creamed.


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Sunday, January 23, 2005

So Much Soul

Here are some pictures taken prior to the ceremony with my cousin Chuck and I. In one of these we are in the middle of a soulful rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" and in the other we are spicing it up with a jazzy
version of "Livin On A Prayer." They were both huge hits! Especially with the ladies!
...cause you are the wind beneath my wings ...take my hand, we'll make it I swear...


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After The Wedding

My little brother tied the knot last night. The ceremony was great and everything (for the most part) went off without a hitch (well except for them getting hitched. Sorry I couldn't resist). But everyone knows what the best part of the wedding is...and what it's NOT! It is not 1) getting yelled at for trying to be at the church on time, 2) seeing your mom in extreme panic mode digging through the trash looking for a flower girl halo or 3) having people sitting in your living room when you get up the morning of the wedding after being out till 3AM looking at you as if you are supposed to entertain them. The best part is the PARTY afterwards! My party machine was running on pure alcohol and lemme tell ya the tank was full. By the end of the night the bartender would see me coming from across the room and have my Sapphire and Seven waiting...and talk about long pours. Yowza!

We started drinking almost as soon as we got to the chapel yesterday. Now I am sure you are thinking, "Liquor? In the chapel?. But this place wasn't exactly a church. It was more like a super fancy wedding chapel with a large party room and bar. So it was safe for whoever was interested in taking the edge off with an adult beverage before the ceremony. And boy did we take the edge off. Actually I don't even remember the edge or when it was actually off. I am very thankful for the large glass of water I drank before we started drinking at about 3:30pm. Without it, I might have been face down on the stage during the vows. That would have upset a few people I think.

I hung that 3rd sheet with the first drink of the reception. I remember sitting at the head table and thinking, "I don't remember reading in the brochure that the room spins slowly." I accidently splashed a little on the head table and it ate right through and was halfway through the carpet below when I threw my napkin over it! And forget about dancing anywhere near the candles that were burning! Poof! "Hey, you remember when Mike combusted a his little bro's wedding? That. Was. AWESOME! Man I really miss that guy."

As usual everyone was slow to get out on the dance floor, but as soon as the liquid courage kicked in everyone was shaking their groove thang. I am really hoping that the photographer didn't get any shots of me 1)doing the chicken dance, 2)"riding the bronco" or 3)rapping to Ice Ice Baby. There was also a special request by Kev for my ever popular and truly timeless version of "Elvira" from The Oak Ridge Boys. "Giddyuppa ummboppa ummboppa moww moww." I reluctantly obliged as the bride drug me onto the dance floor. After much booty shakin by all we sent the newlyweds off in style with a barrage of bubbles on the way to the limo and they rode off into the darkness to get bizzay! HA!

I'll conclude with a few things I've learned/realized/whatever about weddings:
1) People furrreak out for no reason at the drop of a hat.
2) You will get yelled at regardless.
3) Don't look at your mom during the ceremony if you don't want to get emotional.
4) Ally has this wedding thing down to a science...and she makes a hot bridesmaid!
5) Tuxes don't breathe well.
6) I missed seeing my "lil sis" and regret not keeping in better touch.
7) Having to work the day after sucks!
8) Waiting for the ceremony to start can be nerve-racking, even when it's not you walking the plank.


  • Sun Jan 23, 09:56:00 AM CST
    Blogger Alisa sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Mr. Mike, this could be your funniest entry yet. Congrats to your little brother, but omg, I am DYIN ovah here! I do love a good wedding - especially when members of the wedding party get tanked. But "riding the bronco"? Oof, you had better hope there is no photo evidence of that. But just in case, don't run for office.

  • Sun Jan 23, 11:04:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    I'm afraid photographic evidence already exists that would make it very hard for me to be elected. Well, unless it was president of Beer Bongs Incorporated or the National Keg Stand Consortium.

    But I guarantee you, there will be pictures from the wedding that I will HAVE TO post here! Some of which include me, my cousin, a piano and a whole lotta soul.


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Thursday, January 20, 2005

...But No Cigar

Kerry looks on from the loser's seat. This is as close as I care to see old Droopy on Inauguration Day.


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Oow! My hipass!

I just got off the phone will Ally who called to find out how my morning was going and inform me that she just fell down the stairs at work. Before you panic, she is ok and expected to make a full recovery. Apparently her high heel caught the stair and sent her tumbling (in a dress no less). Luckily for her, Nat was there to belt out a scream for dramatic effect. According to Al, her ankle is really sore and she’s positive she will have a bruise on her “hipass.” Yes, that was the word she used and no, there isn’t a space in there. I liken it to “gluteside” or “pelvibutt.” I couldn’t help but laugh a little after I found out that she was going to be ok and I promised to give her sore hipass some attention tonight. I asked her if she had any clothing damage, which invariably happens with a workday spill, but she said everything seemed to be in order. I just hope she isn't walking around all day with her boody hangin out. Maybe this “death defying roll/slide down the stairs” will give her just the inspiration she needed to jump-start her career as a stuntwoman.

UPDATE: The adrenaline has worn off and the ankle is really hurting. Poor baby. Looks like I have my work cut out for me tonight. I guess I’m going to have to dig out my nurse’s outfit.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Viva Lost Wages

Well I'm back to the grind after spending the weekend in Vegas. It is actually nice to be back on home turf, but I was really kicking myself for not taking Monday off. Going back to work the next day was a real kick in the junk. I am still recovering from jetlag and the time difference shuffle, so if I doze off during the post I apologize. Not too much to report from the Vegas trip. You know the mantra guys..."What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Here's a brief overview and I plan on posting pics later.

-Boarding group A every time!
-Finally took some pictures of Vegas with the digicam (stay tuned)
-The Palms casino was cool
-Liquor store inside Excalibur
-Wasn't @ work
-Met some cool Texans in Mandalay with an art gallery in Austin

-Ye Ole Excalibur buffet
-The Rhino wasn't as minty as we hoped
-MIA cocktail waitresses
-Ended up in the red at the tables
-A Blister despite my running shoes
-MP3 player failed weekend test
-Rain @ Palms (cool club, dumb people)
-Smelly, combative cabbies (yes Chuck, we should have rented a car)

All and all it was a good time with a few minor hiccups. By the time my bachelor party rolls around I will have this down to a science.


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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Perfect Gift For...Cat Lovers

This week's installment of "The Pefect Gift For..." brings us a great product for Cat Lovers! Are you tired of looking at your plain ole cat? Have you been searching for a way to spice up your feline's look? Well look no further than Catprin! Choose from "Costume-Play Packages" like Chick, Frog, or even Leopard's Shawl if you're feeling really saucy. You can also choose from their selection of "Blouses & Shirts" which include the Lady Package, the Gentlemen's Package and even the High-School Girl Package...meeouch!!

"CATPRIN, a tailor for cats. Ever imagined dressing up your lovely cat into a fabulous beauty? You don't have to dress her everyday, in fact she might not feel comfortable with a dress on for days. Just dress her up only on special occasions like her birthday, takes a photo and that should leave you lots of memories and fantasies."

Words can't even describe the hilarity of this site. I am not a big cat fan, but somehow we always had a cat growing up. One time Kevin and I decided it would be funny to shave our cat's tail and leave a little puff at the end. Let's just say that cats can hold a grudge. I would not recommend putting one of these outfits on your cat. It might just decide to regard your gaping maw as it's new litter box at 4AM.


  • Tue Jan 11, 08:42:00 AM CST
    Blogger the reeser sat naked at the computer and typed…

    speaking of cats... this guy that i used to work with got married and his wife had a cat. she was used to having the cat sleep on the end of her bed, so he was in for a real treat. one night, he wakes up and his head is back a little with his mouth wide open and the cat has his paw inside my friends mouth. well, the cat got a nice little flight across the room, and from that day on, my friend and the cat had to make a new deal. the cat didn't bother my friend, and he didn't kill it.

  • Tue Jan 11, 08:50:00 PM CST
    Blogger Alisa sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Um. I think the look on the leopard cat's face says it all. And what it says is "HELP ME."


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I Might Just Make It

I might just be on the road to recovery. Last night was the first time in what seems like forever that I was able to breathe through my nose. I decided the 2 caplet recommendation of Sudafed Severe Cold was not for me so I upped the dose to 3 (Don't try this at home kids...). That also pushed me over the recommended maximum dosage for a 24 hour period (...I'm livin' on the edge!). Besides a few minor facial ticks and my back itching like crazy, there seemed to be no adverse effects. My sinuses finally started draining last night and I slept like a baby. Well there was the dream where I robbed Betty White with a toilet brush. "Don't think I won't smear ya!" Dang Sudafed making me commit violent crimes against the Golden Girls. The only symptoms that still linger are my minor cough (which is productive), a small case of the sniffles, and a left side sinus cavity that throbs with every breath. It feels like I got punched right under my eye. I hope these are signs of better times. I appreciate all the outpouring of support I've received in the way of well-wishing cards, letter, flowers, balloons, candy, and whoever painted "SAVE MIKE" on the water tower, that was really cool! You guys are such good blog fans!


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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Being Sick

It should come as no surprise that I am sick. I've actually been sick since Wednesday/Thursdayish, but I have progressively gotten worse and hit an all time low this weekend. It started out with a sore throat and then turned into a death rattle cough with full-on sinus congestion. Luckily I had Friday off so I basically sat at home all day coughing, sneezing and snoting while I finished updating my resume. Thank the lord for Chloraseptic. It has helped me keep my cough under semi-control and provided a welcomed overall numbness of my oral regions. The lowest of low points came Friday night after waking up every two hours with my head pounding from sinus pressure and coughing like crazy. That was hands down the worst night of sleep I have had in years. All this is very strange to me considering I never used to get sick. I am talking NEVER! Maybe it's my lack of vitamin C or the fact that I am outta shape. Or maybe it's because I work on a floor where everyone comes to work and coughs all over each other until we are all struck down. Whatever the cause, I am sick of being sick. I have no patience for sinus congestion. Especially when your nose thinks it would be a funny trick to alternate which nostril is plugged up on an hourly basis. Currently I have 0% blockage of the right and around 75% blockage of the left. Wait 10 minutes and it will be different though. Al and I picked up some Sudafed Severe Cold last night and it has helped a bit with the sinus pressure, but I am afraid this isn't going to do the trick. Stand by to see if I pull through.


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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Three Year Anniversary

Today marks 3 years Alison and I have been together. It all started with a perfect first date at the Cheesecake Factory and the rest is history. We sort of agreed that our big New Year's Eve trip would count as our anniversary celebration, but I was a little miffed when I realized she had made plans for a get-together at her house tonight that seemingly only included me as an after-thought. It would include her two friends from her previous job that she never sees anymore who have a way of making her feel really guilty for not getting together regularly. Since I feel a little fifth wheel about the whole situation I opted out. I was further miffed to realize that she didn't even remember the date. I know guys aren't really supposed to remember dates for things like this, but what can I say...I'm a real catch!

We had a conversation about it last night and I insisted that she not cancel with her friends...especially since she would catch never-ending grief about it. And I accept partial responsibility for not expressing interest in doing something when she told me on Monday that she had planned the soirée. But I am a little dissapointed that this wasn't in her mind like it was mine this week. Further miffage (ok stop saying miff or any form of it) was experienced when I found out they had planned something, but had no exact time nailed down. I don't know which would be worse...having rock solid plans for tonight or the fact that they have loosey-goosey-just-whenever plans that still mess us up. Today she is back on the "lemme cancel it" kick and I'm not having it. On general principle I will not let her cancel it and I will also not attend. Oh the quandary. So tonight I will be celebrating at home watching the return of Lost and Alias. Jennifer Garner is almost as hot, but damn those restraining orders!

UPDATE: Before Ally even read the post she called to tell me that their activity had crumbled. Hmm...with all the good vibes I was sending that way I am very surprised (*evil laugh*). I told her that I would attempt to clear my calender tonight and get back to her. Considering its going to be 28 and raining tonight I doubt we will go out. Probably just a quiet night at home watching...yeah you guessed it...Lost and Alias. At least we'll be together.


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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


So I sat at my desk thinking about it all day yesterday. I even made a call to TCC and UTA to make sure the Registrar people were going to be in to dole out and accept my transcripts to OFFICIALLY FUFILL MY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS AT UTA. I even specifically asked the person I managed to get on the phone at TCC where I needed to pick up the transcript and she told me "The campus you attended." So after work I got in my car and instinctively headed home. I only realized my error when I was over committed to getting on the wrong highway, going the wrong direction. I think I even said aloud, "Mike, you are a moron" as I took the next exit and fought my way over to the right highway, going the right direction. It was still raining and people were driving like idiots. It was all I could do to stay calm as traffic came to a screeching (yes, literally) halt for no apparent reason. I finally made it over to TCC which is, according to a map, 19.5 miles door-to-door and it took me almost an hour. But I was fine...I was happy to finally be getting this done and proud of the fact I was making myself get it done regardless of the hassle.

I pull into the parking lot and notice an inordinate amount of vehicles there. Hmmm...must be like a teacher/administrator meeting or something today. I park and walk up to the building. I open the door only to realize all those cars were driven by people going to the exact same place as me. Ding...first day back for the registrar people...tomorrow is the first day of spring registration. DOH! Still...I'm calm, getting it done, yes! I get in a line that is by rough estimates probably 25 people long, but figuring that some of them are parents making sure their numbnut kids get registered for school I figured it wouldn't be bad. I was only last in line briefly until a guy in torn shorts and flip flops strolled up and inquired "is this the line for Dave Matthews Band tickets...duuuh?"

So I stand there for 30 minutes with TeenybopUSA yacking on her cell phone in front of me for THE WHOLE TIME about what...like oh my gawd...she was doing for spring break...and like...oh my gawd Brad is soooo mad a Chrissy...but like I told him...whatever! God kill me now. I entertained myself by counting how many times she said "like" in a sentence. So I FINALLY get to the counter where the registrar monkeys are and tell them I need a sealed official transcript to take to UTA. She says, "umm do you mean, like official?" "Yes, that's what I just said." (And I know that because I was standing there when I said it!) "Ok, you are going to have to go to this address" she says as she hands me a piece of paper with an address for a building in downtown Fort Worth. I can feel the big vein in my forehead bulging to capacity as I thank her through gritted teeth. Not her fault...I'm ok...getting it done...yes! As I walk away she says, "oh and they close at 4pm!"

BANG! The vein explodes, people are drenched, and I start taking hostages! No no no, that's old Mike...the 2005 model is muuuuuch calmer. So I rush to my car and get Al on the phone. I asked her to pull up MSN and get me a map to this address, but for some reason it was taking forever. She inquired about the situation so I unloaded the rant. As usual her soft response was, "baby I'm sorry, that's frustrating." I hung up with her and called my brother. He was at work and in front of his computer so he whipped up the instructions and I was on the road again speeding towards Fort Worth. I made it to the special transcript keeper building with time to spare and got my seal, official copy.

Now it was time to bomb over to UTA to get it to the graduation people before they closed at 5pm. Man this is really long. Long story long, I made it there and hand delivered it to one of the nicest, personable people I've ever met at UTA. I say this because most of the teachers, administrators, secretaries, and everyone else employed by UTA are a bunch of freakin morons! She announced that I had OFFICIALLY FUFILL[ed] MY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS AT UTA and I would be receiving my diploma in the mail at the end of the month! WHOOOHOOOO! I was so happy I rushed over to give them some more of my money at the UTA bookstore. I looked through their alumni swag which really sucked and ended up just buying a shirt with the school seal on it. I'm a dork.

The point of the store is this...I had to go through ALL THIS to deliver a stupid envelope to a Texas college with a piece of paper in it that showed that I received credit for a class I took at another Texas college! How about we put information on a secure computer thingy somewhere on the interweb and other computer thingies at other colleges can transfer data stuff to and fro?!


  • Tue Jan 04, 09:20:00 PM CST
    Blogger the reeser sat naked at the computer and typed…

    i used to play that "like" game with my lil sis. really would piss her off... she'd end a monologue and i'd say 37 or 16. what? oh, that's the number of times you said "like." i, and anyone in proximity, got much more pleasure than she actually did. funny how that works.

  • Wed Jan 05, 06:32:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Do you remember when we used to call your sister GC? That used to make her so mad! I think thats when she started the crab apple war at your grandma's house.

  • Sat Jan 08, 10:54:00 PM CST
    Blogger Alisa sat naked at the computer and typed…

    So impressed you made it all the way back to your school after already committing vehicularly to heading home. I can't even return a movie - 10 blocks away - without feeling put out. You are an inspiration to us all!


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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Perfect Gift For...Lovers

Yeah yeah...its my 3rd post of the day. I am bored and unbusy. Everyone is done with their holiday shopping and probably could do without the mall for a couple of months, but what couple can be without these?Smittens!

I created the idea of Smittens while on a romantic walk with my husband. We were trying to hold hands through our bulky mittens, when it dawned on me to create a mitten that was large enough for both our hands. That way, I thought, we could truly hold hands.

I snarfed Ozarka when the page loaded. This has got to take the cake for the most hilarious, cheesy invention of all time.


  • Tue Jan 04, 06:16:00 PM CST
    Blogger Ally sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Only smittens could actually inspire me to locate my blog password...finally it has been found! This truly has to be one of the most hilarious ideas I have ever seen...well, except for all the searches that link to your blog!

  • Tue Jan 04, 09:15:00 PM CST
    Blogger the reeser sat naked at the computer and typed…

    ranks up there with the "i'm with him, i'm with her" shirts. at least it's funny, though. there's nothing worse than a cheesy invention (especially ones for couples) that is unoriginal and unfunny.

  • Wed Jan 05, 06:33:00 AM CST
    Blogger Mike sat naked at the computer and typed…

    Holy Lord! She has returned! Now all she needs to do is update her profile and start her own blog. :)


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Where's My SARS Mask?

Am I the only healthy one in the office today? It seams like everyone has a cough or a hack or the sniffles or a downright nasty nasal explosion. I need to fashion another makeshift SARS mask out of rubberbands, paperclips and coffee filters. My only ailment comes in the way of a killer crick in my neck, but at least it's not contagious! The problem is company policy. Everyone is so scared of calling in sick after the latest round of wrist slaps that they show up with their funk and then give it to everyone else. In the long run, you have more people sick who will eventually stay home, therefore you lose even more productivity! I swear, if someone hacks up a lung I'm selling it on eBay.


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Checking StatCounter's keyword analysis for my blog is a constant source of entertainment. So I decided to post some of the funnier search queries that have landed people here.

Yahoo:movie lines and harry you're alive and you're a horrible shot

Altavista:wedgie dungarees

Yahoo:overalls wedgie sexy

Yahoo:dallas cowboy's cheerleaders naked

Yahoo:labare's in dallas, texas

So if you ever you can't remember mikeblogging.blogspot.com then just type "Mike's Sexy Wedgie" into Google and surf on over! Search engines are great!


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Sunday, January 02, 2005

A look back

I spent the final hours of 2004 with close friends enjoying a meal we thought would never end. Well mostly enjoying...the butternut squash bisque was a little sagey and the potatoes au-gratin was a little undercooked, but who was really keep score anyway? The company was the feature of the night and as we all sat at the table trying to be proper (and trying to sneak the word "moist" into the conversation) I realized what good friends I have. Despite the fact that we've all been scattered to the wind over the last year or so, we go to great lengths to get together on a pretty regular basis. I hope that continues for a long time.

2004 was an important year in my life. It was the year I graduated from college and earned that little piece of paper that will unlock so many doors to my future. It was the year I came to the realization that it was time to grow up a bit and leave certain things/people/habits behind. I'm not big on resolutions, but I do have a couple of goals for 2005. First and foremost, finding a job. Somewhere behind that falls getting a place, getting fit, and getting...well let's just see how things turn out.


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Saturday, January 01, 2005

So This Is The New Year

Thought I would share the lyrics to a Death Cab for Cutie song that seems very fitting for this, our new year.

The New Year

So this is the new year
and I don't feel any different

the clanking of crystal
explosions off in the distance
in the distance...

so this is the new year
and I have no resolution

it's self-assigned penance?
for problems with easy solutions

so everybody put your best suit or dress on
let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once
lighting firecrackers off on the front lawn
as thirty dialogues bleed into one
I wish the world was flat like the old days
so I could travel just by folding the map
no more airplanes or speed-trains or freeways
there'd be no distance that could hold us back

there'd be no distance that could hold us back
there'd be no distance that could hold us back

so this is the new year (repeat 4x)


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